Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Out with the old....In with the NEW

I've had a good run with this blog, but the new one is up and running and I have to admit that I like it way better :) It's also a way shorter url. Now it's Isn't that much better? The new website should be up very soon also (as soon as I get all my new wedding galleries organized! This summer has been crazy busy and that is down the list on my priorities).  So check it out...bookmark it...favorite it...tell your friends about it... :)


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Layflat Books

As you all probably know, we have changed our wedding packages a few times this year and for the past 6 months have been doing strictly digital packages, a custom dvd and dvd case and your edited images on the dvd with a print release. For our 2012 Brides & Grooms I've decided that we will now be giving these beautiful layflat books (20 page/40 sides). The pages are thicker than a normal coffee table book and each page actually lays flat instead of having the binding in the middle made the pages bubble up (does that make sense?!). We offer coffee table books still, and also albums (for an additional price), but for any 2012 brides, this is what will be included in your package. You may also purchase them for your engagement session for $200 (8x8) or $275 (10x10). 
This is what my lab has to say about them : Layflat Books are truly spectacular. Exactly what their name implies, they lay flat so photographs aren’t distorted by binding or creased by a hinge. Add a gloss or matte finish to your book and it will be second to none. Only in person can you truly appreciate a Layflat Book’s amazing qualities. 
This book below is an 8x8, 10 page (20 sides) book with a gloss cover and pearl finished paper so it adds a little shimmer. I have ordered the textured satin covers too and I think I like them a little better, they are more matte and feel just a little nicer in your hands, but I wanted to see what this kind was like too :) I'm a sucker for presentation and how things feel in my hands!

And PLEASE excuse the awful coloring. I shot these on our backup camera and not only was the color profile different from what I should've used but the settings were weird because Nathan had used it for video and messed with everything! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

new things right around the corner

So this probably sounds crazy to you, but I don't really want to blog anything I've done recently.  Ok, ok, I made it sound worse than it is. It's not that I don't want to blog (because I have LOTS of fun sessions and weddings to show you), it's just that I don't want to blog on this blog. Nathan has created me a fancy new blog that is so much more user friendly and just plain better than this one. It's just one of our big new changes, several more to follow shortly!
I hope that you're all enjoying the last few weeks of summer. Today it hit me, it' s August! After my wedding this weekend I don't have any more until September, which means that I'm halfway through this year and have barely blogged any of my sessions/weddings. So much to show you, and I promise that once the new blog is up, it's one of my top business priorities to blog each and every session. Hold me to it, please!
In other news, I am taking a very very VERY limited number of sessions in September (as in maybe ONE more for September), October and November, so if you want a session please talk to me now so we can set it up! I probably won't post again this week on this blog because we're hoping to have the new one up by Friday! Hope to see you there ;)